Ayam Cemani Rooster – Red Wattle, Purple Cheeks

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Red Wattle, Purple Cheeks

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  • Slightly red in comb
  • More red in wattle
  • Lilac Cheeks
  • Jet black feathers with black skin
  • Bold, energetic rooster
  • Friendly
  • Soft
  • Cuddly — does not struggle when handled or carried
  • Easy to pick up

Experience the magic!

Black Magic Super Natural Chicken Ranch’s Ayam Cemani are… well, black.  Their skin, feathers, muscle, bones, organs — all black.  Beautifully black.  A truly luxurious breed, soft to the touch and gentle when handled.  Our Ayam Cemani Roosters & Ayam Cemani Hens are pasture raised, with completely open space to frolic and scratch about.
Black Magic’s Ayam Cemani come from a number of private lineages of chickens, including stock from Greenfire Farms.  Our Ayam Cemani are warm and gentle, and laying hends produce between 50-120 light brown eggs within their first year of laying.  Laying cycles last for 20 – 30 eggs, and resume after three to six months.  The eggs are very large compared to the size of the hens, and the very first eggs will be very small compared to later eggs.
Our Ayam Cemani are independent, happy chickens who don’t mind company.  Sometimes, we just sit up in the coop and pet them.  Ahh, black plumage…

Note:  Ayam Cemani Roosters need regular carrying by handlers to increase domestication — this shows the dominance of the handler without threatening the Rooster.  This domesticated trait is noticeably transmitted from generation to generation within Ayam Cemani lineages; the more domesticated the chickens, the more innately domesticated the chicks.  
Black Magic Ayam Cemani have the ability to produce higher quality chicks — any color Ayam Cemani Roosters & Hens can produce all completely black chicks.  This chock’s skin & plumage color is a genetic mutation that occurs within this genus of fowl, and can occur randomly within lineages — some chicks may have darker or even all black skin – it’s really the luck of the genetic draw with the Ayam Cemani Breed.  Completely black chickens don’t always have completely black chicks, semi-black chickens may have completely black chicks, etc.  



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